Build the world’s most inclusive* tech & talent pipeline
*(1) Entrepreneurial career options for everyone, including women, youth, and other minorities.
*(2) Support startup entrepreneurs at all stages, not just the top few companies at a certain stage.

Global Mentorship Programs

Innovation Ecosystem Building & Management

Innovation Market Analysis & Business Development

Events, Seminars and Training camps
for Innovation and Startups in Japan and Australia

Community platform
Learn, socialise and collaborate online and face-to-face

Language Support
Improve Proficiency in English & Japanese via cross-cultural collaboration

Design thinking & Lean startup methodology
Stimulate innovative thinking and startup knowledge whilst incubating real projects

Incubating startups that solve real problems
Introduce global minded entrepreneurs to problems in agriculture, fintech, ICT and other areas strategically important to Japan and Australia

Global Talent Hub
Connect human resources with international firms and local exporters


Cross-Cutural Entrepreneurship Program

Accelerator Program



Market Entry Advice for Startup

Cross-Cutural Business

Consulting for SME

Market Research

Cross-Cutural Corporate Training

Corporate Hackathon

Corporate Accelerator Program

Open Innovation

Business Matching

Investor & Investee Matching

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Our team

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership.

Joshua Flannery
Connector Extraordinairre

Joshua Flannery is the founder and CEO of Innovation Dojo Pty Ltd and it's Japan subsidiary, Innovation Dojo Japan based in Kobe City. He was formally an advisor to and before that inaugural CEO of Rainmaking Innovation Japan, and prior to coming to Japan in 2019, he was the head of the Sydney Startup Hub, the largest startup hub in the southern hemisphere. He was the founding member of the University of New South Wales startup support initiative, supporting over 700 startups over a 6 year period and in 2005 led the Japan market entry for Australian edtech company StudyLink.

Ayumi Mizoshiri
Engineering Prophecy

Ayumi is the founder of InnovationDojo and he founded Sazae in 2015 when I saw an opportunity in the IT market for an agency that specialises in serving Japanese businesses which are based in Australia. His background is in Web/Mobile Apps development and has accumulated a wealth of consultation experiences through corporates and other innovative projects across Japan and Australia.

An entrepreneur at heart, he is passionate about evaluating different business models, understanding the company’s IT infrastructure and designing the best technology solution to help them reach their business goals.

he founded JAIT (which is now in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Tokyo) a networking event for Japanese & Australian professionals to exchange ideas and learn from each other’s culture. Under Ayumi’s leadership, the community had grown to over 800 members since its humble beginning in 2009.


General inquiries or comments (in English or Japanese) are welcome at info@innovationdojo.com.au

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