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2022 ~ Ongoing

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In the 2022 fiscal year, under the "University's Global Expansion Program" led by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), we are proud to announce the establishment of a partnership with Kansai University of International Studies (KUISs) for the Inter-University Exchange Project. Spearheaded by KUISs, this initiative will span five years from fiscal year 2022 to fiscal year 2026, encompassing collaborations with universities across five different countries worldwide.

Within the scope of this project, Innovation Dojo Japan will assume the responsibility for planning and executing the domestic program conducted within Kobe city. This program aims to engage both domestic and international university students in activities that foster an entrepreneurial spirit and deepen their understanding of the startup ecosystem.

Participating Universities in the Project

- Domestic universities:

Kansai University of International Studies, Kobe Design University, Miyazaki International University

- Overseas universities:  

Western Sydney University (9 participants), University of Delhi (2 participants) University of Keele (2 participants), Vancouver Island University (2 participants).

Objectives of the Domestic Program

  • Provide opportunities for participants to develop entrepreneurial skills and know-how through the creation of industry-government-academia collaboration that may be used to start a startup or work in an innovative organisation.
  • Provide high quality contents, guidance and mentorship that reflect what is really happening in industry and the startup ecosystem in 2023.
  • Utilising the global nature of the program organisers and participants to differentiate against other existing entrepreneurship programs, for example, by the inclusion of geography specific contents regarding startup ecosystems, market entry strategies and tactics for startups and other business nuances unique to Japan when contrasted to the same from Australia, the UK, India and Canada.

Domestic Program Implementation

- Fiscal Year 2022

March 14 to March 24: Domestic program

March 24:  1st Venture Makers Global Conference

- Fiscal Year 2023

July 3 to July 13: Domestic program

July 13:  2nd  Venture Makers Global Conference

About the "Inter-University Exchange Project"

This project aims to cultivate international innovators who possess an entrepreneurial mindset, collaborate with diverse peers in a cross-cultural environment, and lead new industries and businesses that are well-suited for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Collaborating with Kobe Design University and Miyazaki International College, institutions with a history of international cooperation in education, Kansai International University will partner with universities in Australia, India, the UK, and Canada under the auspices of industry-academia-government collaboration with Kobe City and Kansai Economic Federation. The project seeks to foster international collaborative education for nurturing entrepreneurs. The project's goal is to produce core individuals who can respond to changes in labor and employment due to AI, maintain a multicultural coexistence consciousness, and tackle international issues from a global perspective.

About the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) "University's Global Expansion Program" for Fiscal Year 2022

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology supports the "University World Expansion Enhancement Project" to enhance the global expansion capabilities of university education, fostering globally competent talents while ensuring the quality of higher education. This project facilitates international education collaboration through initiatives like overseas study opportunities for Japanese students and hosting foreign students. In the fiscal year 2022, as part of the "Formation of Inter-University Exchange with the Indo-Pacific Region," support is provided for exchange programs that guarantee quality between Japanese universities and those in the UK, India, Australia, and other regions.

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