For Governments

Connecting startup hubs to foster innovatoin.

Within our core team, we have direct experience as government employees managing the largest startup hub in the Southern Hemisphere. We have designed programs, platforms and partnerships to build and grow thriving startup communities, both in Japan and overseas. Not every startup ecosystem has the unique advantages and history of Silicon Valley, and we know how to activate and grow the ecosystem and community without those luxuries.

Services include:

  • Startup community building and management
  • Startup concierge service
  • Curated introduction services for ecosystem members to potential investors and customers
  • Startup creation programs
  • Incubators and accelerators

What we offer

Business Development and Venture Capital raising support services

In 2021 Innovation Dojo Japan was engaged by a leading state government as a digitally focused advisor to deliver investment research and analytics across the Japan market, and to manage projects designed to support and attract investment to that state. In addition IDJ provided bespoke client advisory services for the digital technology sector for Japan related opportunities.

Due to the success of the project, the state now has a detailed map of leads in companies and intermediaries to execute for possible investment outcomes. The state government organisation then engaged IDJ again for a business development campaign, targeting a selection of those Japanese companies identified in the initial report. This process has resulted in over 20 meetings and from those several commercial discussions.

This is the proof of our capability to identify and attract potential investors and collaborators and we are ready to do this for governments, companies, startups and universities looking to build meaningful relationships with Japanese corporates and other stakeholders currently active in Japan’s innovation ecosystem.

Startup Ecosystem Building & Curation

Government level startup support and ecosystem building via digital platforms and mentorship services.

Case Studies

Joining the Kobe Startup Hub has elevated my venture’s presence in Japan by opening doors to mentors, investors, and a supportive community of entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
Dwayne Grech | Founder, Hello x LAB KK
The session had a great impact on me… This is the first time I have received such excellent answers and advice.
Syozo Tokunaga | CEO, Comodos Kobe
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