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Application open for the BIZDEV JAPAN ACCELERATOR!


Welcome to the “BIZDEV JAPAN ACCELERATOR” run by Innovation Dojo Japan - where ordinary people make extraordinary impacts. We specialize in Japan targeted Business Development, Startup Development (including market entry) and Talent Development via partnerships with Japanese universities. 

 Our mission in this program is to solve important problems in Japan by fostering strategic partnerships between world-class overseas startups and Japanese companies, driving their growth and supporting their mutual business success. Our primary objectives include enabling tangible results and meaningful impact by these collaborations between participating startups and our Japanese corporate networks.

Our accelerator program will provide unique opportunities, including online group mentoring specifically for Business Development in Japan, personalized 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, and targeted business matching activities to connect startups with the right collaborators. Thematically, our first cohort will focus on Maritime-tech, Agriculture, Food and beverages,  and we're set to select six innovative startups from our applicants across these areas. 

▶︎KEY benefits

▶︎Focus area

  • Research and development of autonomous vessels, smart port infrastructure, and environmentally friendly shipping solutions to align with global sustainability goals.
  • Technologies related to shipping, port management, and maritime logistics.
  • Efficient transportation systems, advanced navigation technologies, or sustainable shipping practices.
  • Construction and maintenance of maritime infrastructure, such as ports and shipyards.
  • Technologies that promote sustainable agriculture across the entire supply chain. This includes advancements in cultivation techniques, soil health management, and eco-friendly pest control methods.
  • Technologies that embrace precision farming and robotics in agriculture that will significantly enhance productivity. Solutions that utilize automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to optimize farming processes, reduce resource usage, and improve crop yields.
  • Innovations in smart farming, including sensor technologies, IoT devices, and data-driven decision-making tools, contributing to resource efficiency, crop monitoring, and overall farm management.
Food and Beverages
  • Technologies that improve the quality of local produce while promoting sustainable practices in food production are crucial. This includes advancements in farming practices, food processing, and supply chain management.
  • Innovations that contribute to the development of food and beverage products promoting well-being and health. This encompasses ingredients, processing methods, and product formulations designed to enhance nutritional value and consumer health.
  • Technologies contributing to the development of high-quality, nutritionally balanced pet food products.
  • Technologies related to alternative meat products, such as plant-based or cultured meat. Solutions that offer sustainable and ethical alternatives to traditional meat production, catering to the growing demand for plant-based and lab-grown protein sources.

▶︎Entry criteria

  • Startup Stage: Series A or equivalent and beyond
  • Industry Sector: As per themes above.
  • Product/Service Innovation: Startups applying should offer a product or service that demonstrates innovation and delivers new value to the market.
  • Japan Market Expansion: We welcome startups with a strategic interest in expanding or considering expansion into the Japanese market.
  • Language Proficiency: As the program will be conducted in English, applicants must have proficient communication skills in English. While Japanese language skills are not mandatory, a willingness to engage with the local market is encouraged.
  • Commitment to Participation: Successful applicants should be committed to attending program meetings and the final Startup Showcase, ensuring active involvement and contribution throughout the accelerator duration.

▶︎Program schedule

▶︎Selection Process

Application Submission:

Startups are invited to submit  their business concept, team details, and the potential impact of their innovation and ideal partner/customer details through the application form. Applications must be submitted by the specified deadline, January 31st.

Final Selection:

By Feb 2nd, the final cohort of six participating startups will be announced. Those selected will demonstrate a strong fit with the program's objectives and a high potential for success in the Japanese market.

▶︎APPLY HERE (Deadline: Jan 31st)

Application open for the BIZDEV JAPAN ACCELERATOR!
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Innovation Dojo Japan is where ordinary people make extraordinary impacts. Founded in 2016, we have developed experience and know-how across three key areas: entrepreneurial talent development, startup incubation and services supporting innovation-related business development and capital raising. 

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